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2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006: Named one of the 101 best Web sites for writers by Writers Digest Magazine.

Selected by Bella Life Books as one of the top ten lists for writers in the "10 Top 10 Lists for Writers."

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A.C. Riley Freelance writer, content writer, editor, researcher and SEO.

Alyice Edrich Freelance writer and owner of The Dabbling Mum.com.

Amy Jenkins Writer and publisher of Anthologies Online.com.

Andrew Dornenburg & Karen Page Authors of The New American Chef and Becoming a Chef.

Barry Eva Freelance writer and author.

Belinda Y. Hughes Author of Living Proof, a gathering of Divine Interventions in the lives of seven Southern women, including the author.

Brooke Stevens  Author of Tattoo Girl.

Cassandra Darden Bell Author of The Color of Love.

Cheryl Wright Freelance writer and author of Think Outside the Square: Writing Publishable (Short) Stories.

Chris Karcher Freelance writer, author and speaker on creating loving relationships, loving yourself, & living with meaning.

Clara B. Freeman Freelance writer and columnist

Daniel Glick Author of Monkey Dancing: A Father, Two Kids, and a Journey to the Ends of the Earth (Public Affairs, June, 2003). 

Darryl Wimberley Author of A Tinkers Damn.

Dorothy Thompson Editor of "The Writer's Life" site and author of No More Gooseburry Pie.

Ellen Ferlazzo Freelance writer focusing on SEO Web Site content for income and food writing for fun.

Eva Shaw Author of Writeriffic: Creativity Training For Writers, Writing the Nonfiction Book and Publishing Magazine Articles.

Felice Prager Author & Freelance writer.

Jane Beckenham Author of  Be My Valentine and Woman of Valor.

Janice Stensrude Freelance writer, academic editor, and sometimes book doctor.

Jennifer Hollowell Freelance writer and owner of J.M.H. Creative Solutions.

John Prophet Author of Mystery at Salt Marsh Bridge and Body in the Salt Marsh.

Kelly R. Steed Freelance author, poet and award-winning Sci-Fi novelist.

Kelvin Christopher James Award-winning freelance writer and author.

Larry James Author of several books including How to Really Love the One You're With: AffirmativeGuidelines for a Healthy Love Relationship, LoveNotes for Lovers: Words That Make Music for Two Hearts Dancing! and Red Hot LoveNotes for Lovers.

LaVonne Schoneman Freelance writer, columnist and author of the How To Cope series. View more of her work at http://www.justsmokedsalmon.com/poem.htm

Liz Coleman Professional writer, editor and proofreader—SEO Web copy.

Marcia Lee Laycock Writer, editor and author of The Spur of the Moment.

Madeleine Begun Kane (Madkane) Humor writer.

Marilyn D. Davis Author & humorist.

Nancy Thayer  Author of several books including Custody and Between Husbands and Friends.

Natalie Hale Freelance writer, author and editor.

Pamela Troeppl Freelance humor writer and author.

Paula J Schmitt Freelance writer and columnist.

Robin Warshaw Freelance writer and author of I Never Called it Rape: The Ms. Guide to Recognizing, Fighting and Surviving Date and Acquaintance Rape.

Sharon Fullen Freelance writer, author and owner of WritesAlot.com.

Sheila Moss Humor Columnist.

Shirley G Webb Published author of Native American Books for children and adults. Recent Publication: Nokomis and The Enchanted Lake published by Piqua Press.

Stephanie Lehmann Author of Are You in the Mood and owner of Momlit.com.

Steve Kaye Author of The Manager's Pocket Guide for Effective Meetings.

Stirling Penn Writer and Web developer.

Rev. Sue Lang Author of Our Community: Dealing with Conflict in our Congregation.

Tama Westman Freelance writer and columnist.

Terescia Harvey Contemporary Romantic Suspense Writer.

Tiffany Twist Author of award winning Tiffany Twisted: exposed, unraveled, rewritten and Some Dance: Hey bartender, I'll take a decade of marriage on the rocks, a therapist straight up, and a fantasy guy with a twist. Freelance and screenwriter.

Vicki M. Taylor Author of Forever Until We Meet.









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