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Featured Book of the Month

The Well-Fed Writer:  Back For Seconds
by Peter Bowerman
Fanove Publishing
284 pp

If the thought of "cold calling"—or other methods of sales and marketing—sends chills down your spine, then this book is for you. Perhaps you're not bothered by sales or marketing but yearn to enter the lucrative field of copywriting; again, this book is for you.

The Well-Fed Writer: Back For Seconds is by far, one of the most comprehensive books on and about commercial writing. Written in an easy-to-understand fashion, Peter Bowerman reveals what works, what doesn't, and backs up his advice with details from his personal experience along with testimonials and anecdotes from other successful copywriters. The comprehensive resource section is a copywriter's goldmine.  Aspiring copywriters and seasoned pros will benefit from The Well-Fed Writer: Back For Seconds, especially when combined with its predecessor The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency As A Freelancer Writer In Six Months Or Less.

Buy the The Well-Fed Writer: Back For Seconds!

Table of Contents:

    New Questions, New Answers
    Lots Of Ways To Be a "Well-Fed Writer"
    Hate Marketing? You'll Love This Book!
    Like a Pot Luck: Many Dishes, Many Writers
    A Looser, Richer, Juicier Book

Chapter One
The Mean Menacing Marketing (And Sales) Monster
Take a Deep Breath and Relax
    Marketing: What It Is and What It Isn't
    You're In Control of More Than Enough To Succeed
    The Game Is Already In Progress; Just Learn Your Lines
    It's Not Hard To Stand Out, Because Few Do!
    Sales: Bad Experiences, Bad Associations
    B2B And B2C: The Difference
    Meet a Need, Make a Sale
    Lessons From a Former "Love Merchant"
    Make It Easy For Them To Say Yes
    8 Sales Tips for NON-Salespeople (From CEO of Sales Training Firm)
    Real Sales: A Single-Bullet Assassination Story
    11 All-Stars' Sales Stories: Not What You'd Expect
    Basic Sales Techniques (That Don't Involve Selling Your Soul...)

Chapter Two
Into The Mind Of The Master
We Can Make It Easy, Or We Can Make It Hard
    Why Write Anything? (Think Like A 10-Year-Old)
    Tune Into WIFM (What's In It For Me?)
    Sales & Marketing Cornerstones: Learn and Earn
    Who's the Audience? (Still the First Question)
    Features vs. Benefits (Stop Talking About Yourself...)
    It's Not Just Business, It's Human Nature
    Thoughts Of Resumes, Releases, Books, Drill Bits and...Love
    The USP (Every Company Has One...)
    Discovery Questionnaires Boost Credibility, Reduce Anxiety
    Are You Branded?
—The Basics of Standing Out

Chapter Three
Web Sites=Working Smarter
Marketing Simplified, Credibility Enhanced
    The Point: Instant Access To Your Samples
    What Yours Should Include (Less Is More...)
    (Don't) Show Them the Money
    Understand Your Audience and Stand Out
    Using Web sites To Direct Your Business
    Top 10 To-Dos for Web site Creation
    The $75 DIY Web site: No Catch, No Kidding
    Third-Party Testimonials: FAR More Than Meets the Eye
    Dozens of Commercial Writers Show Off Their Sites

Chapter Four
"Let Me Clarify"
    Common Myths, Preconceived Notions and FAQ's
    How Good a Writer Do You Have To Be?
    Business Names, Business Plans and Business Cards
    Commercial Copywriter? Copywriter? Business Writer?
    The Portfolio: Yes, You Need More Than a Few Poems
    Is a Batman Binder Okay for a Portfolio? (No Comment)
    It'll Be Easier For Some and That's Life, Sweetheart
    Do I Need Ad Agency Experience To Succeed? (Nope)
    No Sales Experience, No Problem (You Worry Too Much)
    Journalists/Academics: "Commercial"=The Dark Side, Right?
    Online Job Sites: Way To Go OR a Waste of Time?
    $75 An Hour? Me? I'm Not Worthy!
    Undisciplined Slobs, Rejoice! There Is Hope...
    How Much For That Brochure in the Window?
    Is It Still Doable In Six Months? Yes, and...
    Conflict Of Interest: A Big Hairy Deal?
    What Rights Do I Retain as a Commercial Writer?
    Think Like a Businessperson, NOT a Writer

Chapter Five
Now Entering The Cold-Calling Zone
    No, Cold Calling Isn't the ONLY Way...
    Aluminum Siding, Anyone?
    You Might Be an Annoying Telemarketer If...
    You Care + They Don't=Phone Phobia
    Why Is It So Hard at First? (Surprising Answer)
    Get This and You'll Remove Most of the Anxiety
    A Cool Cat vs. a 2:00 P.M. Desperado
    Turning Voice Mails into Productive Feelers
    Lessons From a Door-To-Door Book Salesman
    Common Cold-Calling Concerns, Straight Answers
    "Everyone I Call Already Has a Freelancer." Oh, Yeah?
    The Critical Importance of Critical Mass

Chapter Six
Touching Your Market—By Direct Mail, E-Mail and Fax
Direct Mail: Proven Strategy and Resources
    DM Tips From Industry Pro: Avoid Common Mistakes
    DM Postcard Houses: Fast, Easy, High Quality, Economical
    FREE DM & Cheap DM Seminars Through the USPS
    A Novel (and Highly Effective) Direct Mail Approach
    The ABCs of E-mail Marketing
    How a Florida Writer Made E-mail her Marketing Centerpiece
    Brit Blasts 800 Prospects, Qualifies/Quantifies Market
    Just the Fax, Ma'am: Atlanta FLCW Strikes Gold

Chapter Seven
Dining Off The Beaten Path
The Not-For-Profits: Where, Why, Who and How Much
    Corporate Roads Less Traveled
    Back To School: Landing Work With Universities
    The BIG Small-Medium-Sized Market
    60 Writing Avenues You Probably Never Thought Of
    Jobs Through Expos, Seminars, Coaches and More
    Writing Work From Events and News Stories

Chapter Eight
Eating Well In Smaller Markets & Rural Areas
FYI, Good Advice for ANY Writer in ANY Setting
    The Basics of Smaller Market Business-Building
    Prospecting Everywhere: The Best of All Worlds
    Gulf Coast Gumption: African-American Woman Flourishes in Florida
    Heartland Harvest: Iowa Woman Makes It Happen
    Canada Can-Do: Northern Neighbor Shares Success Tips
    Tennessee Tenacity: Southern Woman Leaves No Stone Unturned

Chapter Nine
Full-Time Dream, Part-Time Reality
    The Fundamentals of Part-Time Business Building
    How To Build The Biz When You're a "9-5, M-F" Employee
    Kansas City Multi-Tasker Keeps All the Plates Spinning
    Single Mom Dynamo: From Journalism to Copywriting
    Commercial Freelancer in Cyprus Offers Killer Transition Tips

Chapter Ten
Why Haven't You Called Your Friends for Work?
    Keeping the Radar Up (Politely) Over Chips and Dip
    Crafting Elevator Speeches and Verbal Taglines
    The Curious Psychology of Self-Employment
    Getting the Most From Your Chamber of Commerce
    A SERIOUS Networking Organization (Check It Out...)
    Starting Your Own Writers Group: A Primer
    AND Taking the Idea to New Heights of Collaboration

Chapter Eleven
It's NOT The Economy, STUPID!
A Tale Of Physics Class and the Power Of Homework
    Whatever You Believe Is the Case, You're Right
    The Power Of the Diversified Portfolio
    What We Can Learn From Technical Writers
    The Usual Suspects Not Delivering? Find New Ones...
    NOT Will It Work? But Will YOU Work It?

Chapter Twelve
Writer Better, Earn More
Ten Tips To Instantly Improve Your Writing
    Write Like You Talk
    Lose the Weak Words and Tone
    Give Your Audience Credit
    Make Every Word Pull Its Weight
    Make Your Writing Disappear
    Cadence Is Everything
    Start in the Middle
    $50 Words Cheapen Writing
    Be a Storyteller
    Focus On The Reading, Not the Writing
    The Writers Self-Check List
    Writing for the Web: A Primer From a Boston FLCW

Chapter Thirteen
From Small Dreams To Cruise Ship Talks
Golden Wisdom From a True Possibility Thinker
    Self-Esteem Is Earned, NOT Bestowed
    It's Okay to NOT Know Your Final Destination
    The Ultimate Power of Step One

Appendix A
TWFW: The Well-Abridged Edition
A Lean, Clean Encapsulation of The Well Fed Writer

Appendix B
Well-Fed Writer Success Profiles
From Book Club Editor to Thriving High-Tech Scribe In Crashing Economy
    Recent College Grad Carves Unique Research Niche
    Waco, Texas Ex-Journalist Transitions Successfully
    Santa Fe Ex-High-Tech Reporter Specializes in Case Studies
    Wisconsin Writer Carves Niche in Death Care (Without College Degree)
    Rhode Island Ex-Salesperson At-Home Mom Gets It All Done
    Chicago Ex-Agency Copywriter Hits Six Figures for 15 Years Running
    Ex-Magazine Refugee in Philly Perseveres & Finds Her Rhythm
    Seattle Ex-Ad Agency Exec Stays Open, Thrives in Poor Local Economy
    Massachusetts Ex-Journalist/PR Pro Networks & Cold Calls to Build Biz
    Big Apple Dweller Writes Copy/Screenplays/Comedy, Thrives Financially
    Married Writer Duo Choose Small Town Life & Low-Maintenance Clients

Appendix C
A Selected Case Study
    ABC Security

Appendix D
Well-Fed Business Startup
Business Structures
    Health Insurance
    Business Liability Insurance

Appendix E
Writing & Marketing Resources
Writing/Marketing Books
    Reference Books
    Writing/Marketing Web Sites
    Online Copywriting Resources
    Writing/Marketing E-Newsletters
    Writers Groups (Regional/National)
    Well-Fed Chat Rooms
    At-Home-Mom Web Sites

Appendix F
The Well-Fed Self-Publisher
My Self-Publishing Saga (A Taste of the Upcoming Book)


Buy the The Well-Fed Writer: Back For Seconds!









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